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7 Proven Tips You Need to Win More in Product Line ReviewsMay 25th, 2023

Ready to unleash your Product Line Review superpowers?
By watching this webinar with guest Michael Zavala, VP of Sales at Albrite Sales & Marketing you will learn:
🔸How to define your W

🔸That thing everybody forgets in the PLR
🔸What and who you need to understand before you talk
🔸Where to find your story and why you need to tell it
🔸 + Our “8th tip” for exponential excellence

Guerrilla Research: The Fast Track Way To Successful ProductApril 20th, 2023

Your product was on time.
But that unfortunate little thing you just learned about it came after it was released 🙇

🚫 Don’t ever do it again, soldier.

By watching this lightning-fast, 20-minute webinar blitzkrieg, you will learn:
🔷Why the research that won the last war is now too slow
🔷Where you are probably lagging behind
🔷Why you build self-defeating bias into your process
🔷How to research faster than the speed of product development
🔷How you will win next time

How To Succeed As A Product Developer What You Need To Know – March 23rd, 2023

📊 We surveyed every PD we could find and the results are in: In this quick and informative 20 minute webinar you will learn:

◽ Everything we learned about Product Developers
◽ A few things you were afraid to ask
◽ How many are left handed (say what?)
◽ What makes them successful (or not)
◽ What can make YOU successful

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