About Our Company

At TestedHQ we are focused on helping our customers develop better products based on the user experience. Giving our testers the opportunity to provide feedback on the products they use every day.

How It Started

TestedHQ began with an obsession with the user experience. Product development companies need to move faster than ever in order to compete in the market today. When developing products quickly, research is typically one of the first activities sacrificed in order to get to market faster. TestedHQ seamlessly integrates with our customer’s product development processes to provide real-time, user-driven insights throughout the product development process. 

This allows product development companies to make key, data driven product development decisions based on the sentiments of their end users, without sacrificing speed. Our testers are your customers, specifically chosen to capture feedback from testers who use your products every day. The ultimate goal of research is to capture 3 things, what people say, what people say they do, and what people do. TestedHQ provides all 3 of these insights leading to product launch success.

“TestedHQ provided quality feedback that helped us gain insights and make decisions on our products, I would definitely recommend the service and use them again in the future.”



“This is the most thorough research I’ve seen in my career. This showed us opportunities that we didn’t even know were there.”


Product Development Director

“The key insights that TestedHQ discovered REALLY helped move our new projects forward.”


Consumer Products President