Real People. Real Perspectives. Real Results.

We help ensure successful product launches through end-user field testing. Our Testers perspectives help you understand how your customers use your products when no one is watching.

We are TestedHQ

For Companies

Using our database of certified trade professionals, we will collaborate with you to create a fully customizable research package that gives you a leg up in the product development process. TestedHQ research ensures your product has the best chance of success in the market.

For Testers

Our testers receive both a free product and the chance to become an integral part of the product development process for the tools they use every day.

Have A Question?

We are a one of a kind service so we get it if you have questions. Let us know how we can help!

For Companies

From our humble beginnings, TestedHQ is now trusted by some of the biggest names in product development. Our customers receive a customized package of services and data. We will take the time to discover what is best suited for the customer and product. These are some of the services we offer at TestedHQ:

  • On-site interviews with certified pros
  • POV footage of our testers using your product
  • Survey Data
  • Competitor Testing
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • User Adoption

For Testers

Our community of product testers range from trade professionals to highly skilled DIYer and hobbiests. Once a Tester signs up, they choose the testing opportunities and products they are interested in. There are some of the activities product testers participate in:

  • Products to test delivered right to doorstep
  • Fill out surveys
  • Participate in on-site interviews
  • Wear POV camera while testing
  • Marketing Testimonials

This has been a really neat experience, and I’m always checking my email to have an opportunity to test and allow my co workers to give the products a try as well.

Troy Waite

It’s great to get a sneak peak at new tools and accessories.

Craig Hastings