Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to be a product tester?

Easy! Just click here: Tester Sign-up

Do I get compensated as an official TestedHQ tester?
Our product testers benefit from product testing in a variety of ways. The main form of compensation is free product from our partner companies.
Our product is already in mass production, is it too late to get user feedback?
It is never too late for user feedback! We work with companies that are in a variety of phases of the product development process. We conduct early market research to test the waters on initial ideas, verification studies for products that are already on shelves, and everything in between.
How much does it cost to work with TestedHQ?

We build a custom testing program to fit each of our customers’ specific needs, the pricing will vary depending on length of the study, number of testers needed, and type of testing required for your product. We are happy to discuss your needs in detail and provide you a custom quote, contact us at any time!

I am an inventor that does not work for a company, could I use TestedHQ?

Absolutely! Our Inventor program offers special pricing to inventors and micro entities to ensure your product has the best chance of success. We can even put you in contact with world class product development experts to help you get your product to market. Just mention you are an inventor when you contact us and we will get you started.