Are you left handed or right handed? Extroverted or introverted? Competitive or laid back? How well do you understand the most important people in your work life? (That would be your end-users, right?). How hard do you try to get to know them better? How much do you care?

Does any of this matter?

How about your colleagues and competitors?
What are they really like? What matters to them?

📊 We surveyed every PD we could find and the results are in:

In this quick and informative 20 minute webinar you will learn:

◽ Everything we learned about Product Developers
◽ A few things you were afraid to ask
◽ How many are left handed (say what?)
◽ What makes them successful (or not)
◽ What can make YOU successful

We’ve got the research chops. This is what we do!

We’ve turned them back on our own community, your community, the people who make good and (admit it) sometimes bad products.

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