Research & Product Development: Why, Where and When to Use It

😧 I can’t take it anymore!  It’s a client or a colleague, but it goes like this:

“Yeah, we got that Field Test Research. Good stuff. Nothing we could do about it.”

“Hmm, howso?” 😔 I’ll wait…

“Design is at the factory.”

I stay calm. They don’t need lectures on doing the Right Research at the Wrong Stage Gate. They already know they went Go through what should have been a No-Go. What they need is help. They are most likely victims of BDB: Bad Research Budgeting.

It’s time to stand up against this scourge on Product Development! 

After watching this quick webinar you will leave with a clear understanding of:
👉 Research Types
👉 Stage Gate Product Development
👉 How research and SGPD relate properly
👉 Why they get it wrong
👉 How to get the right data at the right gate every time!

Who are “they” you ask? Just watch and learn!

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